model: A8HD2 _ firmware v9.30

A8HD2 firmware, version: V9.30

Size: 76M
Release Date: 2012-07-28 13:44:56
File Type:.rar

Improved points


1.Improve Scaning function

2. improve  infomation windows:  try to press "info" key  of remote controller

3. Add dual "time seek"   function:  try to press "time seek" key  of remote controller twice


1.Cancel Scaning inter HDD and USB device when player staring.

Improve the speed of staring time.

2. Auto loading BT/SAMBA  function , not need any sutup step.



1. Revise BT/SAMBA can not work

2. The version is still  V9.02


1. Improved audio setup, there is no HDMI audio output when SPDIF output is avaliable.

2. Add video online of RSS and MMS folder in App


1. Revise subtitle dispaying bug, subtitle of M2TS/TS/MKV works well

2. Improve BT/SAMBA speed


1. The compatibility is improved better compared with the former edition, which solves the repeat start or remain FULL HDD interface after upgrading

2. Add the fouction of webpage control platform, Please download Webpage control platform user's manual.


1. Improve BT Download function

2. Revise format HDD bug


Youtube is OK!

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Update:2012-07-28 13:44:56

Расширенная поддержка BD ISO. Возможность отключения звука по HDMI.  звук по HDMI  вкл/выкл. Дополнительные улучшения качества работы плеера.

Extended support BD ISO. Ability to turn off sound HDMI. Audio to HDMI on / off. Additional improvement of the quality of the player.