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Products Measy Electronics Co., Ltd is now available and in Kazakhstan! Measy Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in China, high-definition media players, we specialize in providing advanced multimedia technology, innovative products and services for many well-known companies around the world, we also provide OEM / ODM services to customers.
Products Measy Electronics Co., Ltd is a high-quality products, manufactured in modern, advanced high-technology equipment. Using all the advanced technology and high quality components.
Our products are: 3D Full HD multimediapleery, media players, HDMI-WGA Splitters, Switchers, Converters, HDMI Converters, HDMI cable, etc.
If you have any questions, please contact spokesperson LLP Zhastar 7 Phone numbers: 8 (727) 327-06-26 Mobile:  +7 707 504-04-04 E-mail: sales@measy.kz

В Шэньчжэне, Китай, measy построила центр исследований и разработки, центр дизайна и сервисный центр, это позволило быстро реагировать на потребности клиентов.

MEASY верит, что “делать вещи простыми” и осуществлять быстро и качественно обслуживание клиентов должно помочь добиться успеха.